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    Remembrance Day 2022 – Old City Hall

    Warriors Day 2022

    Provincial Convention 2022-NorthBay

    Pine Hills Remembrance 2019

    Warrior’s Day 2019


    Royal Canadian Legion Ontario Provinical Executive 2019-2021

    Front row: Past President Sharon McKeown, President Garry Pond, 1st Vice President Derek Moore and Chairman Ron Goebel.

    Back row: Honourary Treasurer Terry Jacobs, Vice Chairman Ron Crown, Vice President Pam Davidson, Vice President  Lynn McClellan, Vice President Brian Harris


    Members of District ‘D’ gathering at the 51st Biennial Convention parade in Niagara Falls 2019


    Provincial Sunnybrook Rep Kevin McLean with members of the Royal Canadian Legion along with members of the CF College, shared the afternoon in ‘K’ Wing Casino Day with the Veterans at Sunnybrook.





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