District Council

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District Commander: Gerry Morgan districtcommander@rcldistrictd.com
Deputy District Commander: John Dufort deputycommander1@rcldistrictd.com
Deputy District Commander: Richard Viles deputydistrictcommander-2@rcldistrictd.com
I. Past District Commander: Shelley Sing N/A
Chairman: Craig Oliver N/A
Vice Chairman: Ron Gregory N/A
Secretary: Lily Philips  secretary@rcldistrictd.com
Treasurer: Denis Cayer  treasurer@rcldistrictd.com
Padre: Kelly Jackson  N/A
Sgt-at-Arms/Parade Marshall Bruce Stewart sgt-at-arms@rcldistrictd.com
Bill Tanner Christmas Fund Kelly Jackson billtanner@rcldistrictd.com
  Vice Chairman  N/A
Branch Advisory Shelley Sing branchadvisory@rcldistrictd.com
Bursary John Dufort bursary@rcldistrictd.com
    Vice Chairman   N/A
Cadet Liaison John Evans cadets@rcldistrictd.com
District Policies & Procedures John Dufort  N/A
     Vice Chairman  N/A
Canadian Legion Toronto Homes (Finchurst)  Doug Burns N/A
Honours and Awards  Gerry Morgan  N/A
Leadership Development Jeff Paulin leadershipdevelopment@rcldistrictd.com 
Membership Donna Sampson membership@rcldistrictd.com
Ontario Charitable Foundation Richard Viles ocf@rcldistrictd.com
Poppy Richard Viles poppy@rcldistrictd.com
     Vice Chairman  N/A
Public Relations Officer Alison Smith pro@rcldistrictd.com
Resolutions Ron Gregory  N/A
Constitution-and-Laws Ron Gregory constitution-and-laws@rcldistrictd.com
Sports Kelly Clark sports@rcldistrictd.com
Tony Stacey Centre for Veterans Care Neala Taylor  N/A
    Vice Chairman  N/A
Track and Field Dan Burri track-field@rcldistrictd.com
     Vice Chairman  N/A
Veterans Assistance Fund Bill Riddell vetsassistancefund@rcldistrictd.com
    Vice Chairman  N/A
Veteran Services & Legion Seniors Marilyn Lawson-Dickinson  vetservice-seniors@rcldistrictd.com
    Vice Chairman N/A
Youth Education June Smith youth-ed@rcldistrictd.com
    Vice Chairman  N/A
Website Coordinator Marilyn Lawson webmaster@rcldistrictd.com
 Vice Chairman Joyce Geddes  N/A
D1 Zone Commander Kelly Jackson zonecommander-d1@rcldistrictd.com
D3 Zone Commander Craig Oliver zonecommander-d3@rcldistrictd.com
D5 Zone Commander Joyce Geddes N/A
D1 Deputy Zone Commander
Ron Gregory
D3 Deputy Zone Commander
Jeff Paulin
D5 Deputy Zone Commander
Richard Viles

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