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Robert Scott

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Joyce Geddes


Jay Burford Patricia Conway-Willis Wm. Riddell TBA

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Wm. Bouchard Jeff Paulin Linda Foster

If you are a Veteran requiring low rental accommodation.

Please call 416-222-9945

and speak to our Office Administrator,  Barbara Davis  for an application or further details.

The office is OPEN Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

From 8:00 A.M. until to 4:00 P.M.


Due to the Covid-19 Provincial/Municipal Lockdown the OFFICE will only be 

 OPEN 10:00a.m.-2:00 p.m.

You Must call ahead and you Must wear a MASK!  

All applications are judged on meeting our income requirements!

2019 Garden Party Pictures coming soon!



Toronto Legion Homes – Open House – 2018

2017-2019 Chairman, Lilian Jardine and Board of Directors hosted the Annual Garden Party

Toronto Legion Homes – Open House – July 27,2017

2017-2019 Chairman, Lilian Jardine and Board of Directors hosted the Annual Garden Party

Good Time was had by All….



(aka Finchurst Homes)


A Brief History


Back in the 1950’s a group of Legionnaires realized there was a need for affordable housing for our Veterans and their wives and they went out lobbying for money to build.

In the beginning there were 6 small buildings, each consisting of eight apartments – 4 on each of 2 floors.  Three of these buildings were one bedroom units and three were bachelor units.  Then in 1963 there were two more buildings erected – one with 40 bachelor units on four floors and known as 125 Stafford Road.  The other was a three storey building with 54 one bedroom units.

On January 18, 1955 under Provincial Charter members of District “D” were appointed Directors of the Corporation.  The main objective of this Corporation was to provide housing for elderly  War Veterans and their wives/widows/widowers at no profit to anyone.

On Saturday, January 11, 1964 marked the official opening of Finchurst with the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario Earle Rowe, Gordon Carton M.P.P., the Reeve of North York Norman Goodhead, the Metro Chairman Wm. A. Allen, Art Adams President Provincial Command, the Chairman of the Provincial Housing Committee and many other dignitaries in attendance.

It was noted that by January 11th, 1964 there were already 35 apartments filled at 4701 Bathurst with a waiting list on hand.   In this building there is a common area on each floor for the tenants to visit should they so wish with a pool table and dart board for recreation as well as a large room in the basement for parties, meetings, etc.

By June of 1964 all apartments in the complex were occupied and the tenants had formed a Social and Recreational Association.  In April 1964 the Ontario Government turned over a cheque in the amount of $40,000.00 toward the cost of the newly completed  low rental apartments for senior Veterans and their wives/widows/widowers.  Since then there has been no government grants or public funding.

In the early days the North York Township Parks and Recreation conducted classes in various hobbies and the Township provided buses for tours for the residents.  The residents through their own efforts had organized many social affairs and were learning to grow old gracefully.

When Finchurst was built an arrangement with Metro Toronto was that a special tax base would be in effect – a tax of $25.00 per unit until the mortgage was paid or when 50 years had passed.  The City now has provided assistance in that any unit occupied by a Veteran or a Veteran’s wife/widow would be tax exempt.   If we did not get the exemption on units occupied by Veterans and Veterans’ widows our tax base would be over $200,000.00 per year.

In the early days there was much help from the Branches in District “D” and they were proud to have been able to help low income senior Veterans live in dignity without having the bulk of their earnings going for rent.  We have been doing this for nearly 60 years, and doing it well  and hope to continue providing low rental Veteran’s housing for the future.

Unfortunately, today many of our older Veterans and their wives are passing away or going into care. We are still there for anyone who has served in Canada’s military or Allied Forces who needs affordable housing and meet the income requirement.  Each application is considered on its merit and the need of the applicant.   Many of our newer residents have been homeless or near homeless living on the street or in shelters.  Many come who are on Ontario Works or Ontario Disability Pensions…  Ontario Command helps those who need help by providing enough furniture for them to get going as well as a hamper with household goods.

We were, in the beginning, a seniors’ residence but as time has passed we now review applications for  any Veteran who has served their country in any capacity who are on welfare or disability pensions as well as our new younger Veterans who are in need of affordable housing.  We are still getting applications from Veterans.

Before the complex was built the Branches were asked would they help support Finchurst which they agreed to do by a motion put forward and passed.  They have continued over the years in helping with donations which are greatly appreciated and needed to house our Veterans so they don’t end up being homeless.  Finchurst is constantly looking for ways to make the lives of the tenants enjoyable and safe.

.Finchurst operates with two employees – one full time maintenance supervisor and a part time Secretary.  The Board of Directors consists of a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, four Directors, the sitting District Commander and his/her Deputy, along with one representative from each Zone in District “D”.  They meet once each month in the Boardroom to oversee the administration of the complex.

There are  two recreation rooms that are available for the residents and they have an elected Residents’ Association, which is strictly recreational, that provides various programs, games, parties, trips, etc. for those wishing to join.  The residents make good use of the grounds in the Summer and do BBQs on the patio and at times have entertainment.   Each building has space for any resident who wishes to plant and look after a section of garden.  Many of the residents have grown vegetables and share with others.   Each building has their own laundry facilities.  They are also protected with a fire alarm system which was installed to code a few years ago.  All doors are kept locked 24 hours and the buildings are only accessible by key.

Those on scooters, walkers or wheelchairs are provided with a remote to open door automatically.

There was a period in our history when there were quite a few empty units and, since we cannot operate with vacancies it was decided to accept applications from Legion members on low incomes including members of the Ladies Auxiliary.  When the younger Veterans were in need of housing and we had a waiting list, a motion to discontinue receiving applications from Legion members was passed.  We are only accepting applications from Veterans and their wives/widows/widowers at this time.

Monies donated are used for the comfort of our residents in order for them to live in dignity and not just exist. We are constantly looking for ways to make life at Finchurst enjoyable and safe



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