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  • Vet’s Assistance Fund

    District ‘D’ Veteran’s Assistance Fund

    Administration Committee

    Richard Viles
    Vice Chairman Denis Cayer (Treasurer)
    District Commander John Dufort (District Commander)
    Deputy Commander Richard Viles (Deputy District Commander)
    Deputy Commander Craig Oliver (Deputy District Commander)
    District Poppy Chairman Vic Sing (District Poppy Chairman)
    District Service Officer Marilyn Lawson-Dickinson (District Service Officer)
    Zone D1 Rep Bill Law (Zone D1 Service Officer)
    Zone D3 Rep Marilyn Lawson-Dickinson (Veterans Assistance Chair)
    Zone D5 Rep
    Karen Moore (Veterans Assistance Chair)

    Terms of Reference

    1. The District D Veteran’s Assistance Fund is established to help Veterans and their Dependents who may at some time, require financial assistance.
    2. The Fund is to be administered by a Chairman appointed by the District Commander, Vice Chairman, District Service Officer, District Poppy Chairman, District Commander, the two Deputy District Commanders, District Treasurer and a Representative from each of the (3) three Zones.
    3. A VETERAN is defined as all ex-service personnel who have had active allied war service and/or peace time service  and who have been honourably discharged including the Merchant Navy. It also applies to wholly dependent spouses, widows/widowers, sons and daughters of said Veteran.
    4. The purpose of the Fund is to assist Veterans in need and their dependents who qualify, to lessen some of the financial burden associated with medical needs, housing, food, clothing, transportation for medical appointments, ambulance costs, meals on wheels and other shortfalls not provided for or covered elsewhere. The fund must comply with Articles 401, 402 and 403 as outlined in the Poppy Manual.
    5. The first line of assistance would be from the Poppy Fund of a Branch of the Royal Canadian Legion.  A veteran does  not have to be a Legion Member to qualify for assistance and may approach any Branch in District D (Toronto) for help.
    6. Subject to Prior Approval by Provincial Command, the Fund can be used to pay for the meal only for Veterans, Caregivers and/or Spouses at the District Veterans Dinner, at a cost not to exceed $25.00 per meal.  The Fund cannot be used to cover the cost of alcohol, gifts, entertainment, booklet printing, postage stamps, stationary, envelopes, toner or meals for Volunteers and Guests.
    7. A detailed report will be given at the District Council Meetings, the Semi-Annual and Annual Meetings.
    8. An Audited Financial Statement for the Fund is to be provided to Provincial Command on an annual basis.
    9. Requests may be made by email, mail or in person and must be approved by a majority of the Committee Members. A copy of each response will form part of the file.

    Procedure for Application

    1. An applicant must fill out an application and provide proof of eligibility which must be attached to the application, along with any receipts or quotes relating to help requested.
    2. An applicant requiring help filing out an application should contact a Branch, Zone or District Service Officer. This many be done by going to the nearest Branch of the Royal Canadian Legion.
    3. Assistance for any or all funds requested will only be granted provided the claim is found to be legitimate and related specifically to the Terms of Reference. Payment may be made to the person submitting the request or may be paid to a second party, or both.

    Printable copies

    The Terms of Reference click on the link below

    VAF Terms of Reference- 11-18-2015

    The Benevolent Fund Application click on this link below

    Benevolent Fund Application

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